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As a passive cable operator, FibreNet owns the optical infrastructure that makes up the core network. Our priorities are quality and reliability, which is why we only use state-of-the-art material that guarantees a long service life.


Long-distance and local optical network is made up of a passive infrastructure – mini cables with 12 to 144 optical fibers that meet the G.657A1 standard and HDPE microducts 14/10 which serve as a protection of the optical cable.


The backbone runs across southern Slovakia starting in Bratislava where direct connection is possible in 2 major nodes (POP SIX and POP2 Sitel).

In general the network paths follow regional and international roads with branches to the towns and municipalities. There are 300 connection points on the route from which a direct connection to our passive infrastructure can be provided.

Existing connection points are located at the town entry or exit, or at road intersections. It is also possible to build a branch directly in the place that is specifically required by our customer.




Repeater stations are network components indispensable for ensuring the operation of the FibreNet. They are located at a distance of about 100 km from each other so that we allow customers to install their own technology on prepared racks.

The repeater station represents a fenced plot to which our passive infrastructure is connected from different sides, its “heart” is made up of a thermally insulated technological container 6 x 3 m X 2.9 m. Two thirds of the container comprise a data section and one third serves for power supply.

In the data section of the container, the optical cable is terminated by a switchboard and 19” racks are also included.
In the power supply section, a three-phase diesel unit is located.  In the event of a blackout, it is able to deliver full power in a few seconds. The fuel supply will allow operation to continue at full load for at least 24 hours.

The technological container is connected to continuous power supply, including a diesel unit, heating and cooling in N + 1 mode, a CTTV and security system, which ensures safe and continuous operation of customer technology.

All repeater stations are connected to a central surveillance system including access control.


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